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Since ancient times mankind has been seeking the elixir for immortality and eternal beauty but as we have discovered, it does not exist. There is no magic potion that can save us from ageing, illnesses/diseases or our bodies and skin growing older with each passing season of time. And, coupled with environmental damage, pollution factors, hormonal changes plus the sun, our skin constantly needs a complex array of ingredients to repair itself. There is no cure-all.

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The Botox Journey from-Poison to Anti Ageing

Much has been written about its misuse or overuse and concerns have been raised over the qualifications; training and technique, or lack of, of those who are doling out Botox injections at salons, spas and even in homes across the nation.

It’s revered, it’s reviled and despite the occasional side effects (droopy eyelids, slopey eyebrows) and those countless frozen-faced stars, you have to admit — Botox remains the number one go to for those who want to regain that smooth glowing look and counter the effects of ageing.

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Your First Wrinkle? Don’t Panic!

Many go into panic mode when they notice their first wrinkle and don’t know what to do. The thing to remember is that it happens to all of us even though it can be a bit of a shock when you first catch sight of it in the mirror. No reason to fret as, with the right perspective, the ageing process doesn’t have to be as scary as we have been conditioned to believe.

But that being said, we understand wanting to arrest the signs of aging such as wrinkles, age spots, fine lines and skin laxity. To counter these inevitabilities, we have a few recommendations.

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The Wellness Makeover

The Wellness Makeover

As we roll on in the year 2019 many of us may be feeling tired, drained, mentally and physically exhausted and yet there is generally more awareness around health than ever before, hence the question: what exactly does it mean to be truly holistic?

Relying solely on Meditation or Yoga classes, gym workouts, time out/holidays just won’t cut it anymore. And looking at one’s diet alone will only get us so far…

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Wedding Cosmetic Trends 2019- Time to Shine!

When it’s your turn to walk down the aisle you’ll want to stand out; to look and feel amazing.

Aside from finding a gorgeous gown, you also need your hair and makeup to be perfect. As we all know great skin is the perfect foundation (*pun intended!), for good makeup, and how you feel in - and with your body - will determine how you feel in your dress. Whilst we at MK Aesthetics believe that beauty and wellbeing starts from the inside out, there are times when we all need a little helping hand on the outside and cosmetic procedures can absolutely enhance your features leave you glowing, even more.. So why not!

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2019 Key Trends: What’s Hot Right Now in Aesthetics

This industry continues to boom, despite the economically uncertain climate here in the UK. It seems that looking good, and reversing the signs of ageing is still as important to us. 2018 was a year that saw the rise of Profhilo, dubbed an ‘injectable moisturiser’, this treatment has even won an award for the best injectable product in Europe, in the Aesthetic Industry Awards. It has continued to gain popularity and has established a firm position amongst dermal fillers and toxins, as a third staple injectable treatment. Clinics across the UK and Ireland have introduced it into their clinics, and it’s growth within the industry shows no sign of slowing down. Read more

The City Slicker’s Guide to Skincare

With the fast growth of digital and social media, particularly Instagram, everyone now seems to have a fair understanding of what ‘Skin Care’ is all about. Living Life in the fast lane leaves little time for us to stop reflect and perhaps take a deeper look in the mirror. With the pressures of work, deadlines, business travel, children, social commitments and what not, most women/men nowadays prefer skincare on the go. Nothing too high maintenance or treatments with downtime etc. Lifestyle stress and unhealthy eating also have an impact on how the skin looks and feels on any given day. The majority of people are seeking things to enhance their mood, improve performance and confidence, and who doesn’t want glowing skin? But we all know there is no magic fix. Read more

Hyperpigmentation 101

Let’s talk about pigmentation. This tends to be a bit of a theme as we come to the end of Summer and head into Autumn. We see many patients looking to correct sun damage (UV exposure), which is one of the most obvious causes of Hyperpigmentation, but there is more to the story than just the sun, as we shall explore here in this blog. Read more