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2019 Key Trends: What’s Hot Right Now in Aesthetics

This industry continues to boom, despite the economically uncertain climate here in the UK. It seems that looking good, and reversing the signs of ageing is still as important to us. 2018 was a year that saw the rise of Profhilo, dubbed an ‘injectable moisturiser’, this treatment has even won an award for the best injectable product in Europe, in the Aesthetic Industry Awards. It has continued to gain popularity and has established a firm position amongst dermal fillers and toxins, as a third staple injectable treatment. Clinics across the UK and Ireland have introduced it into their clinics, and it’s growth within the industry shows no sign of slowing down.

Gynaecological rejuvenation is something else that has been very much in the press in the last year, controversial as it may be, it’s here to stay. Using the same technology, radio frequency skin tightening for the face and body is also very much in demand these days and this will be another treatment that will continue to be big in the industry for 2019.

Another interesting change that is on the cards, is the focus on wellness incorporated with aesthetics, rather than it being a separate thing. A truly holistic approach is what is in demand right now, and this will likely expand this year, as many aesthetic clinics are already venturing into areas such as BHRT (Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy), Vitamin Therapy (such as the Vitamin Drips that we have recently launched, by Intravita), DNA, Genetic & Lifestyle Testing, as well as Nutrition.

We have just tied up with Sweet Nature, a Health & Wellness Spa; it’s our new clinic location, as we understand this trend and need for a Holistic approach. After all, your inner state determines your outer appearance. Your skin is an organ, in fact it is an elimination organ, so what you eat, your stress levels, hormone levels, sleep, lifestyle etc literally show on your face. There are other factors in the ageing process aside from the elements and time. The combination of wellness therapies with results driven scientifically backed aesthetic treatments is powerful.

The added benefit at MK Aesthetics is that we are Doctor-led; our Medical Director is a Dermatology Doctor/GP, which means you’ll be in safe hands, as we’ve all heard scary stories of botched botox and fillers, in the wrong hands. These are medical treatments and hence should be carried out by medical practitioners. Even Skin Peels , which will always be popular and have been around since the beginning, need to be carried out with caution and by qualified practitioners.

Another key trend is the rise of men seeking aesthetic treatments, it is no longer taboo and we are seeing more and more men in our clinic. More on this in our next blog which will be looking at treatments for men.

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Author: Dr Amit Goyal, Aesthetic Skin Doctor at MK Aesthetics is also a well established GP Partner at a prestigious surgery in Milton Keynes with an interest in Dermatology and is the lead GP for Dermatology in Milton Keynes. He is also part of the Dermatology team at Bedford Hospital.

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