Reclaim Yourself in 2020 - Life Hacks

Reclaim Yourself in 2020 - Life Hacks

Reclaim Yourself in 2020 - Life Hacks

Welcome to 2020- A new decade but everything probably still feels the same right? You may have been wondering for the last couple of weeks as to why this is. No amount of resolutions seem to do the trick anymore- Why?

The December festivities are over and it seems everyone has been recovering from some illness or the other- and top it off- no sun for those of us living in the Western Hemisphere as the winter seems to intensify and brings with it its own set of challenges.

The body is weary, the mind is tired and the will is possibly in hibernation too, and reality bites! it actually is a great thing as this shines a light on the truth that our old ways of living, working and existing simply do not cut it anymore.

There is a different way; a way where we can reclaim and extricate ourselves from this mundane humdrum repetitive existence. We need not wait for the spring or summer to kickstart life and then again repeat the patterns year after year.

In fact there is a growing movement amongst us and more and more people now want to write a different script in their lives; a journey where we can truly live consciously and mindfully and yet with a practical approach to face everything that life demands of us. Life is indeed very challenging and can keep throwing us curve balls, but one can stay on top of this if we change how we interact with people, how we work and most importantly how we breathe each and every moment of our lives.

So let’s look at this approach of ‘Whole Body Mindedness’ where it’s all about being connected first to one’s true self and then walking and reflecting that to the world in which we live and move about in our daily lives.

Ditch the Resolutions-

If you have made New Year resolutions and if you are someone who does resolutions as routine whether or not they have tangibly given you results, why not try a radically different approach?

Why not make it about commitment to oneself? Go back to basics and actually physically start caring for your body, whatever it takes - fitness, food, sleep, meditation - the whole 360 holistic approach. Also incorporating these in one’s life helps keeps energy levels on the up and assists us to overcome the inevitable winter slump that everyone seems to be facing nowadays.

Embrace Compassion-

Compassion goes beyond sympathy, and is not a far off ‘Nirvana’ concept. It actually runs deep and it first starts with oneself. The compassion to not be too hard on oneself - that endless chatter we all seem to have in our heads: the guilt tripping, the self-doubt, the negative thoughts running riot. These are the triggers for us to then go into a spiral and leads to inconsistency with the emotional highs and lows. But true compassion is first being kind to yourself, which then radiates out to the world, no matter where you are. Practicing this on a daily consistent basis actually changes how we then interact with the world, and our level of understanding observation. Ie the less we judge ourselves the less we judge and project out on to others. Noone is perfect and that is not the goal of life.

Stay On-
When life gets really hard or when our body starts to falter, instead of giving up/switching off/withdrawing/escaping why not try staying switched on and engaged no matter what. Accepting what is happening and what the moment is presenting rather than resisting it. That doesn’t mean to be passive and do nothing but it means you are responding to it rather than reacting and this is a much more empowering place from which to take action.

Start by paying attention to what you put into your body: food and drink is one of the things we often turn to when life gets hard. But it’s more beneficial in the long term to feel what is going on, stay with it rather than try to avoid it. A walk or a workout is another great thing to make part of one’s daily rituals.Connecting with family/friends, laughter, striking a conversation with a stranger on the train, randomly acts of kindness, reaching out for support when needed etc all are real life hacks that empower oneself to stay on.

Go Minimalistic-

The world has far too much excess at the moment. Excess shameful display of wealth, whether it’s on social media or not, excess poverty and starvation, excess diseases, excess consumptions of fast fashion, food, excess stimulation and motion.. The list goes on and on…
How about having a vision that encourages one’s lifestyle to be simple and minimalistic. This does not mean going barefoot and hugging trees or going off grid but rather a lifestyle that shows us what we can do that encourages more real life / real world connection. One need not become an Eco-Warrior activist here, there’s actually more power in just living in a more minimalist/simplistic way, based on needs rather than the insatiable desire that we are constantly programmed to buy into.

Taking stock

Finally to actually admit that life is hard sometimes or even if for you it all is dark and dreary at present, it’s great to nominate and express that and not feel shame about it. When we are honest, it actually releases the build up tension and stress inside the body, which if bottled up can lead to depression etc. There is then a new found understanding of how to move forward from all of that. Also we too often underestimate the power of appreciation and this is a key factor in taking stock of where one is at in their life.

So there we go. Let’s bring our ALL to every single moment of our lives this year with understanding of each other’s challenges, trials and tribulations. It’s time to turn that clock around and reclaim our true selves; this is probably the best anti-ageing secret you’ll ever get!

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Author: Dr Amit Goyal, Aesthetic Skin Doctor at MK Aesthetics is also a well established GP Partner at a prestigious surgery in Milton Keynes with an interest in Dermatology and is the lead GP for Dermatology in Milton Keynes. He is also part of the Dermatology team at Bedford Hospital.

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