The Wellness Makeover

The Wellness Makeover

The Wellness Makeover

As we roll on in the year 2019 many of us may be feeling tired, drained, mentally and physically exhausted and yet there is generally more awareness around health than ever before, hence the question: what exactly does it mean to be truly holistic?

Relying solely on Meditation or Yoga classes, gym workouts, time out/holidays just won’t cut it anymore. And looking at one’s diet alone will only get us so far…

It is no more about simply ‘managing stress’ but about not allowing stress to run our lives in the first place. It’s about taking an ‘inside out’/360 approach, moment to moment, beyond just the physical. We need to look at the realms of emotional, psychological and spiritual well being; and how we live this in our daily, ordinary and yet super-charged crazy lives.

So how does this look on a very practical level?
How do we pay attention to our emotional and physiological wellbeing whilst taking care of the body at the same time, versus compartmentalising, which we do so well, and looking at things from a purely functional perspective?
Let’s take the entire concept of ‘physical fitness’ for example. All those gym sessions, impressive postures on the yoga mat, spinning frantically in closed dark studios - often these these carry an element of ‘slogging’ and are generally goal oriented. It’s like one is hardwired for punishment/reward and all too often working out can fall into the punishment category! That’s why gyms are so full on Monday mornings, with people trying to counter their weekend activities.
But what happened to the pure joy of moving, just for movings sake, not focused on a goal nor out of any kind of guilt; just enjoying being with one’s own body? Just ‘being’. Isn’t that well-being? As the saying goes ‘ We are human-beings not doings’!

When it comes to our appearance that glow we all seek doesn’t just come from a healthy lifestyle (diet and exercise) it comes from within, as we all know. Someone falls in love it shows on their face, someone regains that joie d’vivre, again it shows.
Self-care, the latest buzz word being bandied around, comes from self love or at least leads us further in that direction. Looking after your skin and your body is a big part of that, but the point we are making is that that is just the start. We are more than just our bodies, we have a whole inner world to take care of too. Could it be that those things we do on the outside simply there to support and enhance our connection on the inside?

People are now looking at preventative healthcare, rather than waiting until an illness or symptoms arise. What would it be like to live on the front foot, in a manner that is pre-emptive rather than reactive, and actually enjoying some kind of vitality rather than managing our symptoms and endlessly looking for solutions to our ills?

Infact back in time, the ancient cultures of India, Egypt, and Greece strongly propagated a lifestyle that took not just the tangible effects of certain foods/drinks but also the community/environment into account, which would then spread beyond individuals & families to society at large.
The key is to start with small steps as changing one’s lifestyle is often not easy, even if it may sound simple.
Small things throughout the day like walking to or from work, or during a break, can be very supportive. As can motivating oneself to take that group workout session as its hard for many people to keep going consistently with a fitness regimen on their own. Exercising with others has a positive impact on one’s well being.

According to a study from University College London, it takes 66 days to form a habit which means patience is the key to forming new habits, instead of feeling frustrated by the end of week 1 for not seeing any results.
Ancient teachings always spoke about food being medicine and yet somehow in our world we have lost touch with this fact. Eating a Mediterranean diet of salads, vegetables, healthy fats such as nuts, olive oil, avocado, fresh meat and fish etc has been known to lower levels of anxiety and depression. Intermittent fasting can be good for some people and/or eating early dinners and avoiding stimulants like caffeine in the afternoon can also help to build the body’s circadian rhythms in getting great sleep, which we all know is crucial for one’s wellbeing.

Be kind to yourself- is an oft repeated adage but how many of us truly imbibe this in our daily busy lives?
Movement only restricted to workouts in the gym, but then neglecting your posture in front of your computer or whilst driving etc will be counter productive. As will working with a huge amount of tension/not taking breaks etc.

There’s a saying ‘what you appreciate appreciates’. And it’s true. Appreciating oneself and others is powerful and and can make a big difference to one’s sense of well-being and perspective, taking us out of our sometimes myopic bubbles.

So perhaps it’s time for a Wellness Makeover and what better time than Spring! We offer consultations with our doctor, skin treatments/products, vitamin therapy etc to help you on your way.

Our Founder Dr Amit Goyal, a GP and hence a strong advocate of a healthy lifestyle, also loves bringing his expertise to the world of Dermatalogy and Aesthetics.
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Author: Dr Amit Goyal, Aesthetic Skin Doctor at MK Aesthetics is also a well established GP Partner at a prestigious surgery in Milton Keynes with an interest in Dermatology and is the lead GP for Dermatology in Milton Keynes. He is also part of the Dermatology team at Bedford Hospital.

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