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The perfect mix of beauty, art and medicine

MK Aesthetics is the premiere aesthetic medical clinic in Milton Keynes.

We have been safely and successfully treating thousands of clients since 2007. We have developed an incredibly loyal client base, many of whom have recommended us to their friends and family. 

MK Aesthetics sees clients literally from all over the world, including as far as France, Kuwait, Barbados, Cyprus and Australia. Closer to home MK Aesthetics has attracted clients from as far as Kent, Guildford, London and Scotland. We also have experience with celebrity clients who have loved our treatments and always come back for more. 

The clinic is run and managed by Dr and Mrs Goyal - often referred to as the dream team! We try and look after each and every one of you as best we can so you have a relaxing and trouble free experience.   

Dr Amit Goyal from MK Aesthetics
Dr Amit Goyal
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While maintaining a strict level of hygiene and clinical standards we enable you to relax and enjoy our range of rejuvenating and literally life changing treatments. All treatments at MK Aesthetics are performed by a fully qualified medical doctor: Dr. Goyal is a well established Aesthetic Doctor who has performed over 10000 treatments since 2007. He is also a GP at a prestigious surgery in Milton Keynes,  specialises in Dermatology at the practice. He is the lead GP for Dermatology in Milton Keynes. He worked at Bedford Hospital Dermatology Department for several years before setting up a community dermatology clinic in Milton Keynes. Dr. Goyal is Harley Street trained and fully certified to carry out all the treatments we offer at MK Aesthetics. He is a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners and a full member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine and Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners

MK Aesthetics is renowned for paying attention to detail and tailoring our treatments to suit each individual client rather than a one stop shop of treatments. Each and every one of us is different, has different aesthetic needs and will respond to treatments differently which can only be assessed and performed with the years of experience that we have. 

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