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Cheek enhancement with safe, natural, long lasting results



Dr Goyal is experienced with more advance techniques using dermal fillers. We work hard to make sure your results look natural and not 'done'. 

One of the most common areas of volume loss and signs of ageing is from the cheek bones which gives a hollowing of the cheeks and makes the nose to mouth lines even more prominent.

Cheek Augmentation 2.png.jpg

We use an advanced dermal filler such as Juvederm Voluma or the Teosyal Products which is best described as a ‘super filler’ to give back the volume in the cheeks that is lost over time and achieve that high cheek bone appearance.

Benefits of Cheek Fillers

Compared to other treatment options, such as cheek implants and surgical facelifts, cheek fillers have several obvious benefits:

  • Cheek fillers can be performed in a plastic surgeon’s office and require little or no anesthesia.

  • Recovery for cheek fillers is quick, and many people can go right back to work or their regular activities afterward.

  • Cheek fillers last for months or years, but the result isn’t permanent, so if you change your mind about them, you aren’t stuck with the result.

  • Cheek fillers carry a very low risk of serious complications or infection.

  • Cheek fillers can be modified after insertion, meaning that you can add more filler to the injection site until you achieve your desired result.

  • Cheek fillers are less expensive than more invasive plastic surgery for making your cheeks appear more defined.

Are Cheek Fillers Safe?

Cheek fillers are a low-risk, fairly straightforward procedure with minimal recovery time. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a risk of side effects.

Common side effects of cheek fillers include:

  • swelling

  • bruising

  • itching

  • redness

All dermal fillers carry a slight risk of an allergic reaction or an infection. Other less common side effects include:

  • filler leakage

  • tissue death due to circulation blockage

  • injury to your veins or arteries

  • vision loss

There’s also the risk of injection material migrating to other parts of your face, causing a lumpy or asymmetrical appearance. If this does happen, your doctor may inject another material to dissolve the filler, or simply wait for the filler material to metabolise on its own.

The risk of rare side effects is higher if you use an unlicensed or inexperienced provider.

Prices for Cheek Filler start from £240 but is variable and will be discussed prior to your treatment. 

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