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Acne & Scarring


As much as you’d like to forget your spotty past, your face remembers, in the form of scars. Whether they’re raised and red, flat or depressed, they don’t have to haunt you for the rest of your life anymore.


Acne is a very common condition which in most cases can be treated successfully with the right course of action. Most likely it will eventually subside, however, the scars can remain for many years, even a lifetime unless treated. Luckily there are options available here at MK Aesthetics.


At our clinic, acne treatment is usually a 2 stage approach. Firstly it is important to calm down the active flare-ups of acne in order to prevent further skin damage. Secondly, we address the existing damage resulting from the inflammation, which is usually in the form of scarring or what is called Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, often seem in Afro-Carribean and Asian skin.


We have a variety of treatments to treat both the active inflammatory disease, in this case, Acne, and the after-effects (scarring/hyperpigmentation). For active acne, we recommend topical treatment as well as the Lustre PureLight System, which is a new blue light technology for porphyrin oxidisation. It is exclusive to MK Aesthetics in Milton Keynes.


For acne scarring, we have a range of skin treatments to improve the skin. 


Treatments include:

Skin Care - such as retinol and home peels. 

Skin peels - such as the Alumier MD Glow peel or our Dermaceutic TCA Peel

Microneedling using our Digital Dermapen 

Certain thicker scars may require steroid injections which should only be provided by a trained medical professional. 

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