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Thread vein removal

Microsclerotherapy is the technique used to treat spider veins or thread veins in the legs. It is a relatively straight forward procedure that will destroy the smaller thread and spider veins and cause them to disappear over time.

How to get rid of thread veins and spider veins

As thread veins and spider veins are very minute, a tiny needle is used to inject small amounts of a sclerosant, which is the liquid that destroys the vein. The injected liquid irritates the lining of the vein and causes the walls of the vein to bind together, preventing blood from flowing through the veins. Over time, the damaged veins are re-absorbed by your body.

Wearing compression hosiery is an integral part of the treatment and key to achieving optimum results. You will be asked to keep your compression hosiery on for a full 14 days and nights post Microsclerotherapy procedure. This will ensure the walls of the veins are held together so that the treatment works well.

It is important to note that before any Microslcerotherapy is undertaken, we recommend that you have a venous duplex ultrasound scan to identify whether there are any hidden varicose veins which are causing your spider veins and thread veins.

Failure to treat the underlying varicose veins will result in the spider and thread veins returning.

Thread veins on the face

The thread veins that you see on the face are caused by arterial blood supply and are treated differently from spider veins on the legs which are vascular. MK Aesthetics specialise in laser and light therapy to treat facial thread veins,

Usually most patients require 1-3 sessions spaced out 3 months apart,
The cost of each session is £200

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